Diary Blog – The Intro

My first foray into blogging.

I suppose I’m looking at this as a diary-type situation; spout random parts of my life into the internet and see where the writing takes me. I have some hopes of doing semi-regular book reviews [some vanilla, some not] but mostly this blog is; or should be, a place to ramble on about the shot you deal with being kinky, being bisexual, the more general sense being a girl.

I won’t be inflicting horrific ‘poetry’ onto the world.

Growing up being a bit different I found I enjoyed reading blogs by people who got it. So I suppose I’m inspired by them, but I’m not suggesting I have any answers to any questions. Just going into this with good intentions…

I have a twitter account for this blog┬ábecause I’m over-eager: @quitequietgirl

[Random feature image of lovely winter sunset for lack of better options]


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