Birches. Right.

Been keen on trying these forever [well since I found ‘Frank & I’ to read] but I was unprepared for how fantastically horrid these are. The “nicer” spread birches (lots of branches, all quite thin) was incredibly stingy and made an excellent swishing noise; I’m delighted by the sheer number of welts and surface bruises – looks so dramatic!

Need a place to show off – hense the image 😉

Recently been introduced to a much harsher traditional judicial birch – five thick sticks bound together. Firstly – the most terrifying noise. In bunches of ten strokes with a short break in between, sixty strokes left patches of bruising and welts all over; with the back of thighs being The Worst*.

So pleased I tried this with someone comfortable to keep going despite lots of fuss – a must, I tried bargaining – I’ll maintain not begging – to zero effect, and the answering extra-hard strokes were intense.  Really enjoyed being bound for this for the full CP feel, helps add to the inevitability.

I have always leaned more of the ‘thuddy’ side of implements, and the heavier birches certainly had a thud, followed by a sharp sting, truly best of both worlds…

Definitely, a must try again!

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