Over the Knee, the classic, the staple, the one everyone loves.

When I first started exploring kinky things this is obviously where I started – what I didn’t expect was just how different an experience this can be!

I had such a great intro to spanking with a friend; he started off with sharp slaps and lots of rubbing, built up a lovely warmth and [I was told] a pretty great colour. There was something so peaceful about this type of spanking, I hadn’t imagined being over and knee with my t-shirt trussed up and pants around my knees would ever feel quite as natural as it did. Honestly could have happily been there forever.


I like a little more sting and ache… and I challenged foolishly that a hand spanking ‘couldn’t really hurt.’ [Side note: have done this since with excellent results, I don’t think anything works up a D-type as much as a simple challenge.] Thus, I was introduced to just how hard a human hand can feel, hard and loud and fairly relentless.

Hitched a little further over one leg, with his other leg pinning me down, writs held in the small of my back – certainly no getting away. Which was great. Being held in position tightly gives so much more freedom to twist and squirm without that pesky fear of actually escaping. We blew right past tears and mere ‘warm’ all the way to one long hot ‘ow!’

In one afternoon I confirmed my desire for kink, my love of otk spanking, and that the most satisfying feeling for me comes from a bit of real pain; ‘hate’ the spanking – love having been spanked.

Unrelated image is unrelated – but I have wool new knee socks and I’m thrilled. 

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