CP Canings

I loved the idea of canes from the definitely-was-legal, nervous, internet search based, baby steps into kink-land. School roleplay fantasies, where hard wooden desks and images of tucked up uniforms featured heavily; always stopped short, it was very hard to imagine what a cane must feel like.

My first foray was… unfortunate.

I was a little naive and a little too eager, fully believing (let’s call him B) when B said he knew what he was doing, and not really knowing regardless. I was already nervous, excited too of course; but when the first stroke landed and bounced awkwardly, skipping too high to nearly my back – I backed out. That was the best decision I could have made. I totally lost my confidence in B, which made me very uncomfortable; and perhaps it could have been a one-off, and maybe I was too quick to judge, but I wanted to love my first proper caning, and that wouldn’t happen if I couldn’t relax. Or, more accurately, if I was the wrong kind of nervous.

It was about 6 months before I had the chance to try caning again, started simply: “Six of the Best” with a ‘junior’ cane (all the stings!) bent straight over with hands resting on a low side table. It was great.

Starting with a small set, counting out methodically [somewhat sulkily perhaps] was surprisingly calming, and helped settle me into the right head space to really enjoy/hate each stripe perfectly. Typically I’m not a fan of counting – I prefer a less formal more rapid beating with something flat and thuddy;┬ábut for canes I think it makes the situation more authentic.

Now experimented with different canes and different areas – front of thighs made a particularly interesting impression with lots of hurt (brill) and just the best marks, seriously marks that are super easy to see and poke, what a plus – and I’ve found canes make a great end to a scene.

Cane lines overlaying less structured bruises and welts, each inch along the line feels different depending on how damaged the area below is; and when comfortable with the D-type in question I love it for the ‘settled’ and ‘docile’ feeling.

I suppose the point of this story is that if something is worth experiencing it’s worth waiting and doing right; and that it’d totally okay to want to find someone you’re comfortable with!

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